A big thank you belongs to many supporters and donors who make and made ​​CUCULA possible. A special thank you goes to the Bödecker Foundation and Anneliese Bödecker who supported our launch and so much more.

Additionally CUCULA Education is financed by the Hans Sauer Stiftung, the Fonds Soziokultur and the Foundation Pfefferberg.

A big thank to all our supporters!



iF Public Value Award
The iF Public Value Award was presented this year for the first time as part of the iF Design Awards and honors projects with social solutions for society. We were very happy that we won the price in the category “Empowering the Individual“.

Quote of the jury:
“CUCULA takes an entrepreneurial approach to the enormous challenge of not only welcoming refugees in Germany, but also giving them an opportunity to develop their talents, gain practical experience and actively take their futures into their own hands. The special thing about CUCULA is the use of one of Enzo Mari’s design concepts. Well known for his ideas to make design more democratic, Enzo Mari has granted a license allowing and enabling people to produce high-quality, elegantly shaped furniture using simple tools and a low level of know-how. Among other things, this includes the ambassador chair, which is valued and in high demand in the design community. He puts his design ideas at the service of society, thus creating public value. CUCULA is an innovative answer to the question of how integration can look in concrete terms and be put into practice successfully virtually anywhere.”



Smart Hero Award

We also won the Smart Hero Award in the category “Civic and political participation„. We received the price at the award ceremony from the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women und Youth Manuela Schwesig and Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook.